Meet the team!

We’re Team OM6G! Meet the team who envisioned the future of 6G and emerging technologies.

We’re students in the Master of Human-Computer Interaction program at Carnegie Mellon University and we had the wonderful opportunity to work with InterDigital to envision the future and unlock the possibilities of 6G!

Gabriel Alvarez

I shape the circumstances around experiences based on people and context. From a physical to a virtual environment, design is a means by which one can create systems that enhance human qualities and improve the lives of everyone. Design futures is about doing research through design and playing with “what it could be”...

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Mahit Munakala

Hi! I’m Mahit. Working with InterDigital on designing the future has been all kinds of challenging and exciting. I wouldn’t have it any other way! All of us had the opportunity to learn, grow, and support each other, and it has been a very rewarding time for me. My biggest takeaway is learning how to deal with the ambiguity around speculative projects!

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Neha Deshmukh

Hello! I’m Neha and I’m glad you’re here! This project with InterDigital has been very fast-paced but also rewarding. Facing ups and downs throughout our research and testing process and then seeing it converge into one viable product was one of my memorable experiences in my learning process.

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Taeyoung Yun

The past 7-month was the most intense and challenging time for me personally and professionally. I learned a lot from the team, faculties, and our client, InterDigital. The project also helped me to discover my new passion in AR and ethics, which I would love to explore in the next step of my career. Thank you, everyone!


Yiqi Wang

Hi, I am Yiqi. Working on this project has taught me how to deal with a futuristic design proposition. The team is skilled in different areas and I am very happy to learn from all of them. Most importantly, the project helped me challenge the unknown! ​


Yufeng Zhao

This is Yufeng, stuck at the intersection of design and technology yet again. This project with InterDigital has given me an alternative bottom-up perspective to the future tech landscape, as bottom as network infrastructures go.

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... aaand meet our amazing clients who helped, guided, and mentored  us throughout this capstone. This project wouldn’t be possible without their support and we’re super grateful!

Donald Butts

Sr. Director, Strategy, InterDigital

Jeffrey Metzger

Strategic Partner Development, InterDigital

There were countless other people who helped us along the way and we really appreciate their help. We express our heartfelt gratitude for all the support from everyone!