Bring the user’s perspective into a future powered by 6G

Introducing InterConnect, a framework that empowers you to define the context of use for a 6G-driven application and get the human-centered factors that affect its Quality of Experience!

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A human-centered approach to 6G-driven experiences

Imagine the future of experiences enabled by 6G, from the perspective of the users. Powered by InterDigital, bring the human into 6G’s advanced network capabilities and make 6G capable of so much more!

Helping Interdigital make the best decisions

InterDigital wants to push the boundaries of internet-driven user experiences. InterConnect coupled with the Glimpse Into The Future videos below spark conversations around the users’ needs and help the folks at InterDigital build 6G functionality accordingly.

A Glimpse into a Future Enabled by 6G

6G promises internet speeds a 1000 times faster than 5G today. With its unlimited bandwidth and zero latency, 6G can support experiences that were once limited to sci-fi. It sounds great on paper, but what would such a future really look like?

6G can enable:

Extended Reality

What if there was a digital overlay over the world everywhere you go? With ubiquitous coverage, 6G will enabled computer-generated visuals enhance the users’ physical surroundings everywhere they go.

Lifelike Simulation

What if your device could let you see life-like sceneries or people from the past? With the unlimited bandwidth of 6G, we can seamlessly transition to the virtual world from reality. It will open up possibilities such as holographic displays and so much more.

Interconnected Experience

What if your devices know who’s with you and tailor the experience for you? With 6G, devices are aware of their surroundings and can recognize group activities. This opens us the possibility of shared experiences.

The 6G Quality of Experience Framework

Introduce the user’s perspective into your 6G-driven applications with InterConnect, the Human-centered 6G Quality of Experience Framework! Designed to evaluate future use cases of 6G, this Framework identifies factors that would enhance these use cases and make the experience ideal for its users. The framework conveys human needs to network strategists to help them transform technical Quality of Service requirements into human-centered Quality of Experience metrics.

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See it to believe it!

Better than explaining what the future will look like, here’s a video that does a better job of showing you life in the 2030s. Better yet, here’s how experiences can be made better by considering the Quality of Experience factors generated by InterConnect with a before and after breakdown.

The Quality of Experience Factors that made a difference:

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